About Us

We started with an idea that we could help eliminate corporate cyber-crime, an idea that could change everything, a comprehensive solution starring with hardware and providing software flexibility for an ever-expanding digital marketplace. And came up with the very first Cyber-Security Computer™.  uQontrol set out to develop a radically simple solution for securing all thing digital related to “Business” and their “Team Members”.  It began with Multi-Factor-Authentication, Passwordless Login, Identity Assessment Management tools, then adding a rich user experience we ended with Single-Sign-On.  uQontrol see’s strong security first as a physical device, secondly advance software and third user control. The developers set out to create Qkey a Cyber Security Computer™, security you can hold in your hand, with a rich user experience to increase user adoption. uQontrol is on a mission to put business and team members at the center an in control of their digital security.

With A Passion For Privacy

It started with an idea of the first a physical device a Cyber-Security Computer™ knowing full well that user control and “Security Enclaves” brings strong security to Business and Team members. Along with advanced proven security protocols of Chip and PIN technology, a suite of corporate benefits with a rich user experience uQontrol sees a world where adoption is the basis for strong security, and which is based in the end user.

With a passion for Privacy along with years of hardware experience in the Chip card security space, it was no small challenge, but we took it on.

So Began the Software Journey

We decided to push the envelope from Chip and PIN Computer hardware with Multi-factor Authentication (QFA)™, Passwordless Login, Identity Assess Management Tools to Single-Sign-On business solutions.

So, after years of development with the support of more than 30 seasoned developers in fields of security, application development and User Experience software, Qkey was created.

Join The Qkey Mission

Our mission is to reduce cyber-crime by putting business back at the center and in control of their own security with the help of the most valuable security asset, their team members.

uQontrol is committed to bringing an affordable “smart security” solution Qkey, a Cyber-Security Computer™, to business and team members around the world.  Qkey is unlike any other security solution it helps prevent cyber-crime by stopping it before it every starts, with Qkey, now uQontrol.

The Future of Security

It’s Just Smart