Privacy Starts with Users

Going Passwordless

With the Qkey Cyber-Security Computer, everyone can join the world of Passwordless logins.  In this Web 3.0 digital revolution, users are at the center and the key part of all corporate security. Employee centric  solutions can connect all associates with a more secure working environment for everyone, and everywhere. Employees with Qkey, together with the company, are now taking a stand against Cyber-Crime while supporting a rich, seamless user security experience.

Working Together

Seamless MFA

When employees use the Qkey Multi-Factor Authentication, users help create security for their employer regardless of the where they’re working or what computer they’re working on. And even better, Qkey gives your employee a great adoptable user-experience wherever they are across the world. When the employees work together with the company they create a safer digital workplace for everyone.

Qkey Corporate Community

The Modernization of Security

When  employees of “the Crowd” adopt Qkey they create a strong community against cyber-crime.  Physical Separation has always been the essence and at the center of strong security and the users Cyber-Security Computer™ is that center.  Qkey users are supported with a rich suite of benefits of features providing users what they want and deserve. Qkey also enables the Anywhere Workforce™ securely connecting everyone wherever they are whether on-site, at home or anywhere else they may be in their mobile world.

The Future of Security

It’s Just Smart