Qkey Features


Qkey brings “users” a rich mobile experience to their big screen/tactile keyboard devices supporting long sessions, multiple windows and variable connectivity with strong seamless MFA and Passwordless login increasing broad-based “adoption”.


Qkey allows “users” to go “Passwordless” with a Chip and PIN experience providing familiar seamless multi-factor authentication (QFA). This strong, credentialing allows users to sign-in to any platform with a secure browser.


Qkey brings “Multi-Factor Authentication” (QFA) granting secure access to web accounts or apps only after presenting factors:
1) who you are
2) what you have
3) what you know
4) what you do plus a geo-proximity option
5) where you’re at


Qkey “users” can now enjoy “Tile Navigation” functioning like familiar smart phones making it easy to use with both a cursor or finger swipe. It’s both simple and easy-to-navigate with its large icons, popup keyboard, and easy-to-use navigation buttons.


Qkey brings “users” the convenience of “Auto Form Fill” with a software that automatically fills and submits forms, autofill logins, and passwords, import files in CSV format simplifying logon and filling forms from the embedded browser.


Qkey’s “Secured Browser” runs right from Qkey, now “users” can view all websites privately on a full screen, it’s the simple, secure no frills browser users have been waiting; no caching history, cookies etc. now uQontrol this secure browser.


Qkey’s “Encrypted Email” Qmail™ utilizes zero access encryption to secure “team” members emails which means they can’t be decrypt, read or shared with any third parties. Now uQontrol your own communications, security and privacy which are “users” personal rights.


Qkey’s “Touchscreen” digital keyboard provides “users” a feature for a rich touchscreen experience. Touchscreen works with tablets and tablets/PC giving users the preferred experience while adding an additional layer of security against keyloggers.


Qkey’s “Touch Sensor”, a capacitive-touch-sensor, creates a familiar simple out-of-band “user” experience creating an easy-to-use multifactor authentication, the “what I Do”, just touch the lighted button when prompted, just like a payment card.


Qkey “Single-Sign-On” and Sign-In solutions, the “users” have an easy way to logon to 1000’s of SaaS programs and sign-in to virtually all web accounts, it’s easy to set-up and with a simple to use with our intuitive Tile navigation applications.


Qkey “Data Storage” allows “users” to securely store private information right on their Cyber Security Computer™ providing a safe place, off the PC, out of the cloud, assuring the users information is both secure, isolated and easily accessible.


Qkey “users” has a Cyber Security Computer™, much like other advance computers like PC, Phones, Tablets etc., supports ever-expanding security apps for protecting business and team members including web, mobile and PC Apps.

The Experience Users’ Expect

Qkey “Smart-Login”

Forget the Passwords, Qkey and one master-password provides total access to all online accounts. Qkey Cyber-Security Computer remembers all user credentials, so the user doesn’t have to. Qkey also creates strong login credentials assuring the user is protecting those most vulnerable points of cyber-attacks. Qkey also eliminates typing passwords, payment information, URL’s, or even filling out forms while eliminating risk of keylogger attacks.

The Security You Deserve

Qkey’s “Smart-Key”

Qkey the user Cyber-Security Computer also stores payment cards to assure more secure transactions . The same chip-card security technology used for securing physical access, now goes online and simplifies secure logins and transactions. Your cards and keys are stored  off-the-grid and the user stores their Cyber-Security Computer the same way. With Qkey online transactions and logins are more familiar and more secure.

Into a Future Users Imagined

Qkey “Smart-Locator”

Can’t find your keys? Just click the Qkey locator-app on your phone. Misplaced your phone? Qkey doubles as your phone finder. Just press the Qkey home button twice and your phone will ring! And, most importantly, with Qkey’s built-in “crowd-locator” the user can rely on Q-locate™ global network of owners to help you locate your Qkey wherever you left it.

Encryption for Privacy

Qkey “Smart-Mail”

Like everything else with uQontrol, Qkey can protect users’ confidential email with end-to-end encryption, eliminating any interference or scanning. Privacy is fundamental to a company as well as a human right, with Qkey you can protect online information and stay as anonymous as you wish.


Qkey generates strong complex passwords so you don’t have to. Now you are protecting the most valuable points of hacker attacks, your password.

Physical Security

Sense of security and reality converge where sensitive data is isolated and stored off the Grid and inside the users Qkey.

Tile Navigation

Qkey Smart navigation creates a familiar, easy to use icon based navigation experience emulating mobile devices, while minimizing spoofing.

ID proofing

Qkey ID, like payment cards, driver license, and passport are personalized, helping to minimize the risk of manipulation.

Security Enclave

User’s can trust Qkey because Qkey rungs it’s application internally, leaving “Zero Footprint on the PC.

Security Element

Adoption starts with peace of mind and user have come to trust the Chip Cards for security now it goes online.

Secured Browser

Qkey has an embedded browser dedicated to a more secured user- friendly log-on experience.

Touch Sensor (Multi-factor Authentication)

A single touch on the Qkey “Smart” Sensor provides a “Seamless” multi-factor authentication by confirming your presence in any online session.

Backup and Restoration

The user’s information can be backed for easy restoration from either from the Cloud account or PC, a like the data on your Qkey it’s always encrypted.

Secured Payments

Like secured transactions with your “chip” you can do the same on-line with Qkey’s digital wallet.

Seamless MFA

Seamless Multi-Factor-Authentication no longer need for clumsy add-ons like SMS/OTP, finger printing capturing users images.

Single Sign-On

Qkey creates and remembers all your corporate and person all user-names and passwords providing seamless logons every where you go.

Digital Keyboard

Qkey supports a great experience with touch screen navigation and virtual keyboards eliminating keystrokes stops keyloggers recording user activities.

Important Note

The term “secure” is not to be considered as absolute since security is a relative term reflecting processes utilized to provide a level of isolation and separation for protecting things considered of value. Qkey provides a number of proven processes and techniques through a more user friendly experience to accomplish the goal. The Qkey works alongside with other security method such as antivirus software, identity monitoring, and protection services and is not to replace any methods being used. Qkey is there help increase security.

The Future of Security

It’s Just Smart

The Q-Factor