Cyber-Security Computer

Modernization of Corporate Security

Qkey is the first and only disconnected and decentralized cyber-security computer putting users at the center and back in control of their digital world. Qkey security works much like payment chip-card transactions ensuring both “Corporate” and “Personal” online experience that is natural, easy and familiar. One-key, One-Master Password/PIN, creates strong multi-factor authentication eliminating weak, hard to remember passwords forever…

Putting Your Privacy Back In Users’ Hands

Security CHIPS Go Online

Qkey’s is radical simple, your cyber-security computer creates a Single-Sign-On, Tile navigation experience for all things digital, creating a Rich, Secure User Experience. Just insert the Qkey in your PC (public computer) USB port to secure access to all things digital. In the same way Banks secure access to bank accounts with “chip-cards” now you can secure corporate access to employees with “chip-keys”…

Your Digital You Off the Grid

Universal “Security Enclave”, It’s Just Smart

Qkey, is your personal cyber-security computer with embedded private browser, encrypted keyboard, and security “Chip” users are back in control of all digital security. The Qfactor (QFA) security “Chip” creates seamless Multi-Factor Authentic, while securing the digital world much as users do with securing bank accounts with the card “Chip”…

“SMART” Secure Login

Going Passwordless

Qkey eliminates the need to create and remember complex passwords. Qkey’s “SMART Login” transforms both Corporate and Personal security with a natural, familiar, and trusted Chip and PIN Experience…

Stronger Security with a Great Experience

User Control is the Key

The Modernization of Security combines a great user experience, with well known decentralized/disconnected security element (chip cards).  Qkey’s security begins with user adoption by creating a more familiar “Tile” navigation (mobile) experience right on your PC unlike anything ever seen in the market. From the Crowd to the Cloud, Qkey Augmented Intelligence (AI) makes security fun. It’s your digital world it’s time uQontrol…

The Future of Security

It’s Just Smart