Protecting the Remote Workforce

Qkey is the Company’s Cyber-Security Computer

Qkey enables you to defend the company server, as well as everyone in the digital workforce, with the Qfactor (QFA) multi-factor authentication and strong Identity and Access Management tools. Everything users’ do logging-in needs to be protected, from personal identity, to access management, from corporate accounts to personal accounts, from securing sessions to securing transactions, anytime and anywhere. You can take the fear and apprehension out of everything users do online securing both peace of mind and the company server.

Securing Employees is Securing the Company

Secure Everything

A Cyber-Security Computer™ provides better protection for you and your employees which begins by putting a Qkey on everyone’s key ring. You’ll be protecting and improving user experience while  securing everyone and everywhere.

They Won’t Leave Home Without Qkey

Securing Your Digital Everything Everywhere

The Qkey Cyber-Security Computer protects the remote workforce because it’s always with users whenever they go mobile, it’s right there on the key chain. Qkey doesn’t care if you are at home, at the office or simply hanging out at your favorite coffee shop, it will protect your employee every time, wherever they go.

uQontrol the “User First” Security

Qkey Will Make Users Secure When You Can’t

Computers and servers weren’t designed for security so now everyone is left with an arcane process of never ending “patchware” for those never ending breaches. For expediency, the digital world forgot the power of individual control and that starts and ends with physical separation. We’re now in a world where users expect more control, this “is” the time for employers to assure and secure remote access. Employees depend on the employer for all the tools work related.  With Qkey you can provide a security tool which is both easy and affordable. Protecting users, you protect the company now Privacy and Security are both easy and affordable it’s one and the same with Qkey. Going Passwordless with MFA simplifies IAM for all employees, one key one PIN total access.  With the Qkey Cyber-Security Computer™ you have strong anytime anywhere security.  Give them control, it’s just smart, and it provides you peace of mind even with your remote work force.

The Future of Security

It’s Just Smart